TotusTec Pus 1 DLP LED 1080P Heavy Duty 3D Printer

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Plus 1 is an industrial grade desktop DLP-3D printer with high precision and good surface quality. As the 3D Plus leading High precision model, after many technical upgrades, it has been widely used in the jewelry industry and has become an indispensable productivity tools. The super high stability and continuous working ability have been recognized by customers.
Brand 3D Plus
Type Plus1-L90
Light LED UV 405nm
Resolution 50μm
Size 96X54×100mm


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Color Print Speed: 6-12mm/h
Model Number: plus 1
Brand Name: TOTUS TEC
Product: DLP 3D Printer
Model: Plus 1(L90)
Printing Size : 96*54*100mm
X/Y axis precision: 0.050mm
Z axis precision: 0.025mm-0.05mm adjustable
Light Source: LED UV
LED light life: more than 20000 hours
Device size: 42*36*88cm
Weight: 57kg
Power Supply: 100-120VAC 7A 200-240VAC 3A