Jennyprinter SLA/LCD 3D Printer

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Jennyprinter light curing SLA/LCD 3D Printer JennyLight1+ large volume high 8.9 inch 2k display DLP for Jewelry and dentistry

Main Features: 

  • Double industrial rails ensure stable operation and high printing accuracy
  • 8.9 inch HD 2K lcd screen
  • Remote video, mobile phone control printing
  • Built-in 2 air filter and PM2.5 filter to purify air
  • 10 patented technologies
  • Modular and smoother
  • Offline free sectioning
  • Patented vertical parallel light source technology
  • Uniform surface light source uniform accuracy
  • Massive one-time printing
  • Imported ceramic lamp beads have a long life
  • High thermal conductivity aluminum-based lamp board provides good heat dissipation
  • With temperature measurement detection and control system
  • Modular removal and easy replacement
  • Open mold nylon large capacity trough
  • High light transmission and high release performance, wear-resistant exclusive release film
  • Excellent shed film trough mechanism rejects resin leakage
  • Tempered glass with black edges rejects light leakage

Model Number: Jennyprinter JennyLight1+
Brand Name: Jennyprinter
Color Print Speed: 20-30mm/h
Print volume: 120*190*215mm
XY axis resolution: 0.075mm(2560*1600)
Z axis resolution: 0.025mm
Print layer resolution: 0.001-0.03mm
LCD display: 8.9 inch HD 2K LCD screen
Layer thickness: 0.025mm / 0.05mm / 0.1mm
Minimum feature size: 220u
Connection method: USB/Web
Slicing software: CreationWorkshop/Nanodlp
Support software: B9Creater/Printstudio/Meshmixer/simplify3D
Support system: WIN/MAC/Linux
Print mode: Online/Offline
Screen language: English
Resin: 405nm UV resin
Stripping: Platform strip
Machine control: Jennybox-Nanodlp/LCD control
Machine size: 36.8*35.4*48.5cm
File format: STL/Obj
Machine weight: 20kg
Technology: LCD light curing