FLSUN FDM 3D printer | Printing Area 260*260*350mm | Touch Screen | Dual Extruder | Metal Frame

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FLSUN CUBE Large Scale 3D Printer Kit

with Auto leveling sensor kit & Heated Bed

FLSUN CUBE Large Scale 3D Printer Kit featuring HyperCube design with more rigid structure,Large Printing Area 260*260*350mm,Dual Z Motor for more stability,Automatic leveling for easy calibration with Heated bed. Supports Dual Head,Touch Screen & Wifi upgrades

Product Highlights:

  Stable Structure: With 2020 European standard aluminum frame. HyperCube design, keep the structure more stable

  Large Printing Size: 260*260*350mm.

  Double Z Motor: The printer with double Z motors, can ensure the structure is balanced and more stable could achieve higher printing precision results at a higher printing speed.

  Automatic leveling: With auto leveling sensor, make calibration quicker and easier, easy to use.

  Heated Bed: With heated bed, you can print more types filament. such as PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA, Filaments.

  Powerful Supply: We provide a large power supply of 12V 30A, give the board and heated bed enough power to heat fast.

  Board With Double Fan: The board with two cooling fans keeps the board cool for high stable and long time 3D printing.